Saturday, 3 December 2016

Poetry THE READY MIND by Akinyemi Abdul-Rahman

I live
In the nation of three
High regards for respect
Carved in their form of greetings
One prostrates
Peace be unto you, outers another
Highly respectful is the last
Their greetings, highly costly
But choose I is handshaking
In disguise of civilization
Respect and honour are banished
I live
In the nation of three bigguns
Secrecy in there dressing
Decency in their appearances
Covered is their nudity
One chose wrapper
Another loves Iro, gele, torso and Buba
The last married
But, chose I is nakedness
In disguise of civilization
I think beauty is nudity
I forgot that moon and stars define beauty
In the night thay are
The Night is dark
Night is secret
I live
In the nation of the exceptional three
With inimitable cultures
Gifted with unmatchable recipe
One brags pounded Yam
Another sings Yam
Tuwo cries the last
Unharmful they are
Strength, vitamin, calcium and identity they give
In the name of civilization, chose I
Harmful substance
Of which origin is unknown to me
Its demerits outscore merits
Foolish me
I live
In the nation of three buildings
With charming, attractive doors
Gorgeousness in their keys
Languages are these keys, with other attachments
Wisdom in Yoruba
Confidence in Hausa-Fulani
Strength in Igbo
Greatness they all form
Again, I chose civilization
Local I call these keys and the users
I embraced the one that,
Enemity manifests in young minds from its use
Because, fun we make from mistakes
self-confidence it kills, self-esteem it buries
I live
In the nation of three streets
Unity in their occupations, agriculture it is
Lessons and morals in their entertainments
History in their artefacts
Uniqueness in their talents
Preventive are their beliefs
Sacred are their religions
But, chose I, civilization
I call, their uncomparable gifts,
barbaruos profession, superstitious beliefs
outdated form of entertainment, profane religion
All in the name of Civilization
Now I know, that
My culture I should promote
My language should be first
My entertainment should be sole
Lies in it are morals, lessons and funs
Now I know
Great streets, South, North and East
Elegant cultures
Classy people, with purified colour
I now know
Civilization is nothing, but
Imposition of developed culture
Growth is general
I am ready to develop mine.

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