Monday, 25 July 2016

Poetry: SERVANT THAT RULES by Akinyemi Abdul-Rahman


Dusk has fallen,
I have to walk the street,
Enriched in natural, financial and human resources,
Yet, the south has little penny,
Families are farm less,
Individuals are seedless,
Poverty reigns, verily south is rich less,
Backward I turn
North face I
Water is not their pal
Sound education is their pen pal
South is demand, north is supply
But, occur not is the transaction, because
South is roadless, north is railess
The street is marketless
Sadness embraces me
Bitterness I cuddle when I remember
That, our servants are now rulers
We were told we would be served
But in arbitrariness they rule
Street resources are exploited to their full
Comes in thousands are my tears
Ruling servants, serving Masters
Dictating is their habit
Embezzlement is what they fulfil
Hardship is their act
Growth they harm
Development they kill
Happiness of the masters they bury
In poverty we masters serve
Oh servants of masters
Forget not!
Among you were, servants that
Served, sound education as food
Served, suitable transportation system as snacks
Served, large scale agriculture as drinks
Served, favourable employment opportunities as water
Served, pleasant pleasing street that you pollute
In the name of RULE
You ruling servants!
Remember, that
With us is time, tick it does
With us is pen and ink
Write we can, your destiny
With us is the calculator
Your figure, we summate
Us is mast, you is sail
Needed is the mast to support the sail
Us is the electorate, you is the elected
Dictating arbitrary servants!
Upon you I call
The time keeper I am
Present is time
Past not it
Let your predecessors be your model
Your masters be your served
Remember, the time is present
Time is not past.

Abdul-Rahman   Akinyemi

Poetry: My country by Barakat Akanbi

My Country

Why celebrate independence when we are still parasitive;
Why celebrate corrupt leaders,
Should these be called Illiteracy, Ignorance or primitiveness;
Why empty the nations treasury,
My country!where no pension  for pentioneers who are the fathers of this nation;
Why discriminate among ourselves,
Do our leaders have anything to offer to the masses,
A country where the rich are richer and the poor do not exist,
And we call ourselves the Giant of Africa,
Giant but Empty i Presume,
A country where citizens reign curses everyday to the leaders,

No love in my country,
 All i see is corruption everywhere. 
Corrupt leaders,
Corrupt citizens and a Corrupt country,
OH My Nation! 
Cry my beloved country.

Barakat Akannbi

Saturday, 23 July 2016

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

NIGERIA TODAY by Laaro Zainab

My country, Nigeria today is bereft of truth. Falsehood and its agents are apparently in control of her affairs. There is celebration of falsehood and banishing of truth. For the fear of castigation, majority hibernate in their shells instead of telling or supporting the truth.
  The contemporary world within its so-called globalised context is a caricature of numerous maladies, which has spread to almost every aspects of its being. Moral laxity, intellectual paralysis, injustice and nepotism, duality of standards, exploitation and corruption, ignorance and arrogance, poverty and diseases, insecurity and discord, have continued to ignite volcanic wars into our country. Nigeria has become an ocean where the bigger fishes feed on smaller ones. Humanity had gotten divided into small compartments of race, blood and geography. This has culminated into geography or terrorism of geography.
  How do you account for innocent souls that are wasted to plane crashes, accidents and collapsed buildings? How do you explain the high infant and maternal mortalities in the midst of abundant resources and squandering of same on elephant projects? Nigeria leaders are busy killing and shooting flies with guns, sending out health officers to drive out worms only to spray snakes as collaterals. Human rights have become otherwise. Terrorism is defying all security networks and their officers. Days are earmarked to commemorate great events or people only to empty the treasury and pay lip services. For years, we have celebrated children's day, mother's day, teacher's day, independence day and the likes only to have more victims of war, malnutrition, unemployment, unpaid and delayed salaries, strike, motherless and homeless children, widows languishing in agony, child trafficking, child labour, oppresssion and victimization.
  Our institutions are becoming wonderlands. The unheared of and the unprecedented are becoming the norms. Contrary to their being citadels of learning, they are becoming citadels of promiscuity. The academic concerns of our great citadels of learning have given way to a lot of unpalatable developments. The worst of which are cultism, indecent dressing, armed robbery amongst many others. It has got to a point that most parents can't predict their children's personalities once they graduate from higher institutions. Cultism has been taken to secondary schools. Age is no longer a barrier for perpetration of vice in Nigeria today.
  Things are fast changing and falling apart. The guides are the blind, the judges are the deaf, the Attorneys are the dumb. What an end time! Poverty and hunger have become bedfellows. Bodies can no longer sustain the souls. Things hardly heared of in the past have become the fad. The soul of man have become dry. Brains of scholars are draining. War continues to aim its bullets. Peace is elusive and evasive. Man now seek peace in waywardness. Even the religionists who should be closest to God are dangling between spiritual squalor and moral laxity. Gone are those days when musicians sang and it made a little sense. Alas! Watch out for the so-called music and songs today, apart from being desolate in meaning; they also echo immorality. They calm man into forlorn fulfilment. What hitherto, was considered morally sacrosant is now sacrilegious.
  Young girls have taken over the stage to advertise nudity. All kinds of beauty contests at different levels have been put in place to promote indecent dressing. The more romantic or indecently a lady can portray herself in acting or modelling, the more she impresses and as a result, becomes acceptable. The trend in fashion today reveals that the culture of nudity has become a global phenomenon, tearing the fabric of moral values, social order, cultural independence and intellectual horizon. The religious sphere has been entangled in this labyrinth of indecent dressing. It is nothing but an abuse of womanwood for matured ladies and women to appear in public wearing transparent and skimpy tight fitting dresses. It is an affront on womanhood. It is a gateway to promiscuity and it confirms our moral depravity.
>   As Nigeria is making seemingly ceaseless sojourn towards its waterloo manifesting in its flagrant infringement of the divine orders and natural laws, ideological depravity, moral decadence, spiritual stagnation, political turbulence, social disorder, and cultural crises, there is need for a new HORIZON.
> An horrizon of positive change in attitudes
> An horrizon of academic excellence
> An horrizon of intellectual supremacy
> An horrizon of moral perfection
> An horrizon of awakening the dying souls.
> There is hope in our NEW HORIZON.

Laaro Zainab

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

DRUG ABUSE by Abdul-Hakeem Atanda

Guy How Far You get weed? i dey feel my trips I don high....These and some other words are used by the drug addicts especially the Nigerian youth of today.
Drug Abuse is the act or process of using drugs to perform functions other than its primary functions of treating a particular ailment either through Swallowing, inhaling, injecting or overdose.
Within the last decade It has become a trend in tertiary institutions in Nigeria for  youths from 15- 30 females inclusive who constitute the high risk groups to consume hard drugs  , for various reasons such as feeling of esctacy , to ease depression, to be able to stay up all night to read, Some give excuses such as My Father smokes so why can't i smoke too.while some others do not even know why they abuse drugs they just want to go with the trend. The most rampant factor that has aided the growth of this social menace is peer pressure. When students get into the universities they feel they are now on top of the world, the freedom and all, no mummy or daddy to tell them what to do and in desperation to join the league of the 'big boys' they tend to engage in all sort of social vices . Research shows that drugs commonly abused are Alcohol ,Cannabis , Codeine known as COCO, Rehiphnol commonly called REPH tobacco called CIGAR. the abuse of these drugs come with a lot of hazards which are known to users, for example on every pack of cigarette there is an inscription FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH WARNS THAT SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG, one would wonder why they still indulge in smoking is it because they do not see it or because they want to die young, kidney problem, mental disorder heart failure liver problems to mention but a few are part of the health dangers of drug Abuse. With the incessant increase of this vice the big question is Who is to be blamed ?  The Schools , the Home or The society. Some schools have tried in curbing this menace by means of conducting random drug tests on students, rehabilitation of students with drug Abuse cases Awareness and Enlightenment on dangers of drug Abuse, while other institutions have not tried at all.
This Phenomenon has become a great deal of worry in some parents and teachers who are somehow not able to control their addicted children or wards, parents whose children have become addicts have resulted in spiritual means,they have seen it as a sort of punishment from God on them or an attack tool by the enemy to deprive them of the joy of reaping the fruit of their labour but is that really the case? they have also contributed a great deal to the increase of this menace they have little or no worries on the kind of friends their children keep, they feel once a child gets into the University he automatically becomes an adult but that is not always the case, they have not really established a kind of relationship between them and their children , they send them off to boarding schools too early and during the holidays they are not always available to study the kinds of character or behaviour they must have acquired while at school, too much freedom and over protection, unlimited access to the internet, Availability of these substances at home especially Alcohol.
We live in a world of today where celebrities have become our role models  "Wizkid smokes and has alot of female fans...maybe if i start smoking ill catch the attention of the ladies" quoting the statement of a friend of mine way back in secondary School, And no doubt he is speaking the mind of thousands of youths out there, with this mentality drug Abuse will not only increase it will be a part of this generation. There are naked advertisements of alcohol , cigarettes and other non medicated drugs on our televisions, internets everywhere. we just wonder if there is any body or organisation regulating what we watch and curiosity they say kills the cat,we the youth of these days are very inquisitive and curious, we would like to test the efficacy of whatever we see or hear of, these curiousity have led a lot of people to become addicts.
Drug Abuse has become the primary source of incaceration and health problems of many youth today,Number of youths incacerated in various prisons across the country has increased dramatically over the last few decades. As a matter of fact majority of these youths have been arrested for drug offences and/or have a drug Abuse problem. As a matter of Urgency Serious measures has to be taken to curb this social ill. In tackling this problem we must first see it as a threat rather than a mere problem. futhermore i suggest the corrective measures and preventive measures.
Corrective Measures: These methods are getting those who are already addicted to a particular drug or group of drugs-  The Addicts.
i. They should realise that they have a problem, once they realise that drug Abuse is a problem and a detterent to their progress 50% of the problem is solved and also personal determination or decision to quit.
ii.Rehabilitation: this is the most common way of correcting an addict it the necessary training and education given to an addict to allow for a succesful reintegration into the society.
iii. Constant counselling,  wise words and admonition should be given to the addict by someone who is very close or dear to him/her
iv. Addict should be kept busy, idleness they say is the devil's workshop, a major reason youth engage in drug Abuse is Unemployment, when one is idle he tends to engage in all sort of illicit activities, drugs inclusive. one who is addicted should be kept busy.
other corrective measures include excercise, healthy diets and Prayers as the case may be.
As regards the preventive measures these are methods to be taken by schools individuals parents religious institutions and other agencies charged with the responsibility to do so to curb or eradicate the spread of this virus
i.these drugs that are mostly abused should not be easily accesible talk more of being abused, local pharmaceutical stores should be put under strict supervsion, because they are major contributors to this problem, these drugs should not be sold without prescribtion by a medical doctor and should not be sold to unauthorised persons
ii.Parents should know the kind on friends their children or wards keep, unannouced visits should be payed to their children in higher instititutions
iii.Dangers on drug Abuses should be taught in schools and religious places
iv. Every youth should have a goal or ambition he is determined to achieve and should therefore be regard drug Abuse as a detterent in achieving his/her goal.
Drug Abuse if not curbed, our generation will be sitting on gun powder. To every Nigerian youth Drug Abuse is just a deterrent to the positive things you were destined to achieve. Remember you only live Once. I say NO to drugs.
Abdul Hakeem Atanda

Monday, 18 July 2016

Poetry: A CRESTED AMBITION by Faruk Abubakar Yamah


 A crested ambition

That man
A minister in the temple of justice.
Couched in jenteel
Elegant and stylish
Portryed in those expensive suit

I have love for your brogue feet,
And that rope across your chest.
To the feragamo holding your trousers.
Your trousers;form a catacomb
That ends above the ankles
Showing colourfull your socks

Is it your personality I love most
Or the way you fight
Using polished words to defeat each other
I have always looked at you
Like a man looks at his wife in labour
Desperate! anxious!
I have grown itchy hands
And long legs
I no longer ask when I will be there
Or when I will be you
I am ready indeed
For you are crested on my heart.

Faruk A. Yamah

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Poetry ; CHILDHOOD by Ajibaye Qusamat and Abdul-Rahman Akinyemi


Lost in this world full of misery and wonders,
Have you ever wondered where the happiness lies ,
Have you ever taken the break to think through the world's problem? 
Are you happy?

Childhood ,
We made different memories ,
Even in pain and tears ,
We smile through all worries ,
Our playmates ,
Everything was less a problem,
Some lost their childhood ,
Some grew up with hatred and guilt ,
Some never received any love ,
Growing up made us lose it ,
Been adult you live in worries ?
Thinking about how and what matters ,
A lot of wrongs ,
Have been committed, 
A lot have been misinterpreted 
All in the name of 
Am all grown up or freedom .
Sarah Addison Allen quote still stuck in my head.


Wonder I in the world of misery 
With friend that Poetry is her beauty

Realize we that, 
Happiness was childhood
Childhood was joy
Then, we walk anywhere
Talk anywhere
We fear not ,no place 
Believe not, no superstition
Then, doubt was absent 
Trust, was ever present 
Happiness is trust
Trusted I was my entire hood
Trusted entire hood was I
All were friends, friend was I

Hide not we, in rain
Play we did,  in pain
Tears together in sand
Childhood was freedom 
In pants and nakedness we dom
The farm, Yard and 
Race we, in the flood

Now, I am grown, she is big
Now, growth is he, Youth is us
We subscribed fully to,
Restriction in disguise of class
Walk, we can't in the rain

Fully cherished by us, is
Criteria for friendship 
Compatibility test we call it

Big grin on our faces
I held her with a cold grip
We have to worry less
Because, we left childhood 
Happiness is joy
Joy is freedom 
Freedom is trust
Friendship is trust 
Trust is love
Love is unity
Unity is happiness 
Happiness was childhood.

Poetry: MOSQUITO LOVE by Taofeek Ogunleye

Her lips were red,her looks were free,
Her looks were yellow as gold;
Her skin was as white as leprosy,
The night-mare LIFE-IN-DEATH was she,
Who thicks man's blood with cold.
It sucked me first,and now sucks her too,
And in this mosquito our two bloods mingled in it.
Three lives in one mosquito,
This mosquito is you I and our marriage bed.
OH! She's stubborn due to all her actions in response to his romantic advancement.
O Lord! It is a pretence of the part,
Of my lover who feels no emotion,
She's truly in love but does not know how to express it,
Because of the fear of parent and fear of unknown.
Now I'm ready to buy insecticide,
Even if it's very hard.
I dedicate this poem to a special lady. Name: known by my learning colleagues.
                                                              Ogunleye Taofeek

Poetry: BRAVE IT UP by Qusamat Ajibaye

we want a change,
I have always wanted to speak,
Speak on behalf of them,
I wish we could all sit and think,
I wish we could all see what I see but I know we
do but chooses to ignore:
My heart cannot take it no more,
Am tired of having pity them without a way out,
Am tired of working pass them everyday and
giving them alms,
It's a shame for me and stepping them like
Am tired of acting with a brave heart full of

I wish we could put our efforts too,
Just take a look behind and see,
They might seems so worthless but thousands of
them die day by day :
I wish we all had the fear of God,mother nature
has blessed us with more than enough, please do
let it reach us,
We beg for our right,
The wretched, unprivileged, unacknowledged,
They all want to live a life.
We pack up your wrong doings, do worship us as
We make ways for you do bless us with the
We lifted you with our emotional heart. Stop
making it a dead heart,
We want to speak up,
We want to be considered as humans,
We want to make use of the marvellous,
We want to impact on the economy,
We are behind you when happiness and joy runs
in you but you come running to us in pain and
You have left overs the poor are pleading to
You choose where and how you live your lives,
when we are still struggling under the bridge.,
You live a life worth a thousand wretch.
I wish I could speak out louder,
We aren't going no where,
Life isn't for eternity but you live as if it is,
Life has enough to offer,
We have a way out, I have a way out
Bring back our unconditional motherly love
bestowed on us.
I wish we could all speak up
I wish we would be free to live right,
I wish I would be the speaker,
Speaking on behalf of them,
We want no war,
I wish to make the change,
It tears my heart to wake up and meet the same
old shit...
Brave it up

Friday, 15 July 2016

Poetry:Death by Barakat Jummai Akanbi

 All of my life i have learnt to play alone as a child
I had no friends but i wished i did
As a child i never seemed to understand these questions
Why  do we spend much on taking good care of our bodies?
Which would  serve as food to the termites in grave
Why do some people feel the need to be frugal as though they would take all their belongings to heaven?
Why  couldn't there be an exception of death on a particular person in the world?

I eventually met you and u were the best thing that happened to me
You were more like a sister:
 When i thought i was out of this lonely world
Death took you away
I know  tears won't bring you back but i don't seem to understand why you showed up the dime minute of your life

I think of you in silence but all i have left are memories of you
Wouldn't it have been better if we never met i thought
I guess that's me being selfish,because death on the other side is a beautiful thing created by God and all that live will eventually pass through it
I know death took you away but you aren't dead because once you die and you are forgotten you are "Dead" but once you die and you are not forgotten death only took you away but you are not dead:
You Will Always Be Remembered!!!.

Thursday, 14 July 2016


The Al-Hikmah .LSS blog  now has over a thousand views. We're   really  grateful  to everyone  ,those who sent in articles,   and most  importanttly, the readers.Once  again thank you  very much.
God bless you all,  God bless the LSS

Poetry : STRANGE FRIEND by Eleja Abdul-Rahman

Do u ever wonder
Looking at the sky
What lies beyond
Beyond the illumine of the day
And the dimness of the night

Do u ever wonder
When U will pay d ultimate debt
To the strange famous friend
A friend who does not need invitation
A friend who cannot be bribed

Do u ever wonder
When will he come
How will he meet me
How will I leave  when the destroyer of pleasure
Comes to take me with him

                                   Eleja  Abdul-Rahman

Poetry: BROKEN by Barakat Akannbi

Those thoughts ,feelings,illussions,dreams,
Well i guess they were all dreams,
 You've forgotten I'm  also human and cant keep pretending it'sall good whereas its not,
 Those doings,well i doubt i can forgive you,
I guess few will only understand,
how it feels to trust someone who betrayed,
deceived and rejected one,
 I still doubt there's a place in my heart left for you because,
the part of me that loved you is ...........GONE.

Barakat Akannbi

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Campus cohabitation:A moral deterioration in Nigeria Universities by Laaro Zainab

 Cohabitation is simply an act of a man and woman living together and having sexual relationships without being married. This growing trend is gradually eroding the 'near absent level of morality among youths. I would prefer to describe t as a deadly trend in Nigeria tertiary institutions. The off campus phenomenon is mostly preferred by students in Universities considering some genuine reasons like the poor sanitary conditions and the over crowding. However, most students have their unrealistic reasons.
  Although freedom is a must have for undergraduate students, it is saddening that this has created an avenue for extreme cultural imperialism in the students thereby displacing the ever cherished African tradition that disallows female children to have intimate relationship with males that they are not married to. This situation has led to an increasing rate of devaluation of the proper concept of morality among youths. This freedom is today highly exhibited by youths who rather feel at liberty to visit and sleep in their partner's room without the common fear of being seen by their parents. This unsafe act has however been taken to another level of freedom extremist as many of the campus students today prefer to live with their partners while in school.
  The reason why students cohabit are not far fetched. Some students who agree to have their minds on the issue said it is by living together that the so called couples get to know if they are compatible or not. This they say is the reason why they take the period of living together as the period of testing their compatibility. While some cohabiting students find it difficult to live apart from their partners because of the strong physical intimacy between them and the addictive prowess of sex over them make them confuse love for sex. They begin to use sex as a way of convincing themselves that the relationship is moving fine. Instead of the sexual act being a life-given act of mutual love, it is becoming a life-drawing and self-abuse of the other partner. Many a times, the need for companionship and fear of loneliness becomes so strong among students that they begin to think they cannot wait for marriage before living together. This eventually leads to insecurity especially on the part of the ladies.    Say NO to cohabitation because you will spare yourself the pain and grief of finding out that you were being used rather than loved. It is hundred percent possible for one to have sex with you and not love you.
  Why are we going against God? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Do you ever think of how your parents will feel when they hear the child they are labouring so much for and having high hopes in is living with an opposite sex or they get to know such child is pregnant or has undergone an abortion? How will you feel when the guy you call your boyfriend use you for reference?
  It is becoming quiet worrisome that students who live as husband and wife get unwanted pregnancies and other related implications especially with the acceptance of artificial contraceptives. The trend is more encouraged and the possibilities of getting pregnant is no longer deterent. Even when pregnancies occur, they get rid of it by all means. Recently a 'couple' living together in one of the campus lodges in federal polythecnic, Bida, had a baby and lost the baby due to their inability to cater for the baby financially. Although it is very possible that campus relationship leads to marriage, think about how many of such relationships end in marriage. Instead, its a story of one heartbreak or the other. The crux of the matter is that most campus cohabitation end on campus.
  Cohabitation is now becoming one of Nigerian's favourite subject. One hears jokes about it from students and we see it in movies. Cohabitation and sex has been identified as the only means used to improve their love towards each other. On the other hand, someone who is guarding her chastity and insist on having sex only with the person she is legally married to is seen as a religious fanatic.
  Cohabitation has so many disadvantages on us ladies. It is better for us to have the best qualities of a beatiful woman in order to have men come after us and not for us to go after them. A beautiful woman is a woman with respect, love, kindness, a woman with ego, who knows when to drop it and when to keep it high. A woman with charisma, who can sustain her personality, who knows how to acquire what she desires without throwing virtue, grace and personality at the feet of unworthy adversaries. A woman who is filled with excellence and it radiates like a million stars from her eyes, women whose intelligence baffles and attracts many, who positively affect people morally, socially, academically, as well as psychologically cannot cohabit with a student like her in the name of love. I have seen relationships without cohabitation and sex and its moving with respect and love.
We need to put our heads and hearts together to think and make the right decisions that will make our lives better. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean it is right. The anthem of hell is everyone is doing it. My dear! Watch it, everyone is not heading to hell.
Laaro Zainab.

THE BAT by Molayo Taofeek

He sat outside watching the globe
Thinking on how to make the world a free world
For us, we watch them walk in group when its dusk
Still there is peace, they move freely
Because they believe nothing dreadful
Would happen to them

Life is boring and rife
Nigga's of Nigeria, all you think,
Day and night is about our world
Becoming so precarious and dreadful
we don't have to capitalise so much on it
Because life is too dull

Physical contest as now become a
Rife thing on earth
Sumptuos things as become some people's happiness
While people like them live in shanties
We need to corroborate to make the world a better one.

Taofeek  Ogunleye

Poetry: FOUNDATION by Akinyemi Abdul-Rahman


Where am I?
Am in the farm
With matchet, knife and gun
Persons are my plants
Compliance is what I cultivate
Opposition is weed and
I am the herbicide
My markets are the influentials
I clear, cut, sow and reap for them
With cutlass, knives, chemicals and guns

Market would have been market
If crops were my plants
If weeds were grass and pests
If herbicide is provided for
By my representatives
Along with pesticides and
Good education as the compliment
Education is understanding
Understanding is communication
Perfect communication promotes Order

Who am I?
I am the foundation
I am the youth

Where am I?
Am in the four corners of the room
Education is my door
Book is my key
But drug is my latern
Porn is all I read
Stealing is my assignmment
Fraud is my pen
Lies in my jar, as ink they serve
Casual sex is my reading equipment

My key should always be my book
lantern is mine, is it my goals?
Church should be my pen
If mosque is nothing but my ink
Success will be all I read

Who am I?
I am the foundation
I am the youth

Where am I?
Am in my couch, there I wonder
I wonder why?
SERVE is all I do
PLEASE my food
TEARS my drink
REGRET my plate
VANITY my cutlaries
In couch I wonder, REST I don't
In couch I wonder, LEAD I don't
In couch I wonder, TAKE I don't
In couch I wonder, REGRET and PAIN I do

Who am I?
I am the building
I am the aged
The foundation I was
Youth was I
" why " is all I have
All I have should be what " I don't "
What I don't brings my " why "
My foundation was bad
My youth was awful
So, in vain my building is

Oh builders
Oh engineers
Oh contractors
Upon you all I call
For your building to be better
Your foundation should be good
Then, " BEST " lies in your roof.

Akinyemi  Abdul-Rahman

Monday, 11 July 2016

Maiden Inauguration Ceremony of The Law Students Society Al-Hikmah university, Ilorin chapter 3

Inaugural  Events

Honourable Justice  Akannbi, the guest speaker of  occasion delivering  his lecture titled  "LAW, JUSTICE  & EQUITY".
Honourable Justice  A.L Ishaq, representative of the chief judge of Kwara state  Justice Sulyman Kawu, delivering the chairman's remark.

It was time for  guests to deliver  their goodwill messages.
Chief Judge of  the LSS, Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto chapter.

Secretary -General  of the LSS, University Of Ilorin chapter 
Alhaja  Module Oladimeji, the  registrar Al-Hikmah University,  Ilorin, delivering  her vote of  thanks.

Maiden Inauguration Ceremony of The Law Students Society Al-Hikmah university, Ilorin chapter 2


The Presidents Inaugural  Speech

Salam Alaikum i do not intend to waste the time of our revered guests i crave the indulgence of everyone to stand on the existing protocols it is with great pleasure i welcome you all to this august ocassion the first of its kind in this institution,standing on this ground today with the mandate to rule is a honor, today marks the begining of an era, the beginning of a journey.The LSS is a society based on 5 objectives. promote the good name of the college and to cherish and uphold the tradition of the legal profession liase with the appropraite authourity,as well as  other bodies within the legal profession when the need arises with the aim of catering for the welfare of the law students enhance cooperation through programs with educational bodies, legal institutions in order to broaden horizon of members promote the spirit of accountability and probity in members. Ladies and gentlemen ill like to use this medium to appreciate the institution for providing us with the best of infrastructures to enable us achieve our dream of becoming great lawyers from our well furnished hostels to our erudite lecturers but there is always room for improvement especially in the area of transportation as we have been faced with the rigours of trekking under the scorching sun to the main campus when we have lectures also most of all are spending half of our monthly allowances on transportation alone, we hope the school will provide us with buses that will convey us whenever we have lectures, Rome was not built in a day they say, it was built daily our dreams, aspirations,destinies as l.s.s might not all come afore in one day but every passing day brick by brick we build our rome in Al hikmah University ilorin,Those who elected us and those who did not,the destiny of our university stands on working answering the questions of our time. Today i have been given authority over you and I am not the best of you if i do well,help me and if i do wrong set me right. Our sincere appreciation goes to the invited guests representatives of Unilorin CAILS and most importantly the guest speaker Hon justice Akanbi and the chairman the chief judge of Kwar Hon justice S.D kawu, we pray Allah rewards you abaundantly. GOD bless you all God bless the LSS God bless Al hikmah God bless Nigeria

Abdul-Hakeem Atanda

Maiden Inauguration Ceremony of The Law Students Society Al-Hikmah university, Ilorin chapter 1

The  maiden inauguration ceremony of  the Law Students Society, Al-Hikmah University,Ilorin Chapter took  place on Tuesday 10th May  2016.
It also marked the beginning of  Abdul-Hakeem Atanda's tenure  as the pioneer  president  of the LSS  Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin chapter.The college of law declared  10th May 2016 as a lecture free day.


On the 9th April 2016 , The Society conducted elections to elect  members of the Executive council.
Abdul-Hakeem Atanda ran for president unopposed, and having satisfied the constitutional  requirements, he was declared  the winner of the election.
The other newly elected members of the executive  council of the society are:

Nailat Jummai Al-Hassan - Vice-president
Ahmad Mahmud Ibrahim  - Secretary-general
Ganiyat Abdul-Raheem - Assistant  Secretary-general
Muhammad  Mikailu - Financial Secretary
 Sadiqa. Sambo  - Treasurer
Faruk Abubakar Yamah - Social Director
Habibat Omotayo Mustapha - Welfare Director
 Abdul-Mumeen Sadiq  Gegele - PRO
Suleiman Muhammad  Mansur - Sports Director .



The official  Swearing-in-Ceremony  took place at .Muhasi Fast Food,  Al-Hikmah University,  Ilorin from  0900 hours.
Barrister Mustapha of the Private and Business. Law department  administered  the oath of office taken by the President  elect Abdul-Hakeem  Atanda, and the  president after taking his oath of  office administered the oath on the other members of the executive  council.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Poetry: GAY GIRL by Akinyemi Abdul-Rahman


Stare Stare,  she does.
   She looks for reasons to be gay
   Night is for sleep
   Night is peace and time for natural therapy
   So not is the day
   But for discrimination the color receives
   Night is the day
   Bang Bang,  the gun sings
   Arms are now umbrellas
   Persons is the rain

   Mama, Mama
   Mama, when is the day?
   That there will be enough water
   Mama, When is the day?
   That we will have leftovers
   That sun will light the market
   That there will be sleep
   Mama, Mama
   She holler

   The voice is gone
   The body responds, NO  NO
   The day is not today
   The night is still not for sleep
   The night is dark, dark is black
   For disregard they give the color
   Sleep is far away until it stops

   The disregard for black, which the IT is.

   Long reign peace, long reign black
   For beauty is in the moon
   The moon is in the night
   The night has black
   Black is beauty
   Black is peace
   Black is sex

   She blinks
   Finally, she has reasons to be gay
   Because the night is day
   The night is black
   She is black
   The day will come one day
   Black will reign
   She will reign
   Blacks have nothing but to be GAY.

Akinyemi   Abdul-Rahman

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Poetry: WOMEN by Abdul-Hakeem Atanda


we men wonder where their secret lies
in their beautiful eyes
or curl of their lips
or maybe reach of their arms
i think its in the stride of their steps
because as they walk into a room filled with men
 even the mighty starts to tremble
the tall ones fall to their knees
and the brave fall to their feets
the professional swing of her waist
gets our tongue wagging
we wonder what we see in them
we've tried so much
but we can't see beyond the beauty
even as they try to show us
we still can't see
the pain  behind the laughter
the tears behind those smiles
the thorn beneath the heels
the scar under the braid
and the bruises behind the make up
yet they still fight like the world is a battlefield
they work like they were men
love like they were babies
they have the gentility of a dove and the might of a lion
they wipe tears but their’s never get wiped
they face everyone's problems no one knows when they have theirs
they get broken still they don't break
and yet we never see them fall apart
it's in the tenderness of their skins
warmth of their hugs
love from their kisses
prayers from their lips
 meals from their pots
 our survival lies.
if  asked who  my favourite superhero was
i would say  a woman...

Abdul-Hakeem Atanda


           Distant  Love
              ....i still see you
i still see that smile in your face that fades away
   i still see that face with so much beauty
      and the heart with much purity
    i still see me trying to make you laugh
             was it funny?          
           how should i know
   when your eyes are still on mine
     i still remember how we met
  and when i was dying to talk to you
 i still remember our first conversation
           and subcequent...
         you said i was wicked!
          but it sounded sweet
And sweeter when i realised it was from you
        havent i waited enough?
maybe an insult would have been sweeter
       that day i said nothing reasonable
 who can be reasonable when lookin at your  eyes?
            lost was i in your eyes!
F.A yamah




One bright day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
drew their swords and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise
and ran to save the two dead boys.
And if you don't believe it's true,
go ask the blind man, he saw it too.

Poetry: WITH TEARS FROM BORNO by Abdul-Hakeem Atanda


I woke up in a pool of my own tears
The scream of a mother in pain puts me in fear
the monsters are coming near
the shots from their guns we couldnt bear
in their magnitude they came to leave us as destitute
they killed our fathers, raped our mothers, took our sisters and maimed our brothers
where is our shining star?
since we lost our sister
we stopped knowing laughter
ever since the slaughter
lord save us from this disaster
Grant us a smile for easter

Abdul-Hakeem  Atanda

Maiden Inauguration Ceremony of the Law Students Society Al-Hikmah University chapter

The maiden  inauguration ceremony of  the LSS  Al-Hikah University, ilorin took place on Tuesday  10th .May 2016.
 Arrival of Guests
Barrister  A.A Onikosi
H.O.D. Islamic law
Barrister  A.A Aminu, H.O.D Private& Business Law, and  Professor  A.T Shehu, the dean college of law.
Hon.Justice A.L Ishaq, represntative of  the chairman of the occasion,thechief judge of  Kwara state,  Justice Sulyman Kawu.
L-R front row, Alhaja Rasheedat Oladimeji, registrar Al-Hikmah. University ilorin,  Mr S.L. Nurudeen, Dean student affairs unit, Al-Hikmah  university,Ilorin

Poetry : "A Tatooed Heart"

The hopes in a dream
The silence in a scream
The promise for tomorow
The distance in forever
The joy of being together

The looks you put up
The glow in your eyes
The fragrance in your presence
Your lips,the only thing that taste like mama's soup
Its your heart on a coup

The problems along the way
The hopes for solution
The wait for apology
The fall of a tear
The wisper in my ear

My heart was tattooed
And strucked with a pin
And trowed in a wastebin
Time only endear and never fade memories we've created
Indeed what dosent kill you makes you stronger

                            Faruk Abubakar Yamah

Friday, 8 July 2016

Who is Abdul-Hakeem Atanda?

Abdul-Hakeem Atanda, is the  pioneering  president  of the  Law Students Society,  Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin Kwara state  chapter.
He was born  in Abuja, FCT  on 12th April in the  90's. He graduated  from Stella Maris college  Abuja in July 2015.He is currently  running his LL.B.  programme in Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin Kwara state.
In April  2016 he contested and won the presidential election othe LSS  Al-Hikmah  university chapter. He was sworn-in  in May 10th 2016 as  the pioneer  president  of the society.
Mr Atanda has been in office  as the president of the  Law Students Society ,since May 2016, and leads the  executive council  of the society .
An active member of the  society Abdul-Hakeem  Atanda is the current president of the  Law Stidents Society Al-Hikmah University chapter.

Executive Council Members of the LSS

Excos 2016/2017 session

The law students socoiety Al-Hikmah university  chapter  is pleased to  introduce to you its  newly  elected  members of  its  executive  council
Abdul-Hakeem Atanda - President 
Nailat Jummai Al-Hassan - Vice-president 
Ahmad Mahmud Ibrahim  - Secretary-general 
Ganiyat Abdul-Raheem - Assistant  Secretary-general 
Muhammad  Mikailu - Financial Secretary 
Faruk Abubakar Yamah - Social Director 
Habibat Omotayo Mustapha - Welfare Director
 Abdul-Mumeen Sadiq  Gegele - PRO
Suleiman Muhammad  Mansur - Sports Director .
The  exco members  were elected  on 9th april2016, and were sworn into office  on the 10th of  may 2016.

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