Sunday, 17 July 2016

Poetry ; CHILDHOOD by Ajibaye Qusamat and Abdul-Rahman Akinyemi


Lost in this world full of misery and wonders,
Have you ever wondered where the happiness lies ,
Have you ever taken the break to think through the world's problem? 
Are you happy?

Childhood ,
We made different memories ,
Even in pain and tears ,
We smile through all worries ,
Our playmates ,
Everything was less a problem,
Some lost their childhood ,
Some grew up with hatred and guilt ,
Some never received any love ,
Growing up made us lose it ,
Been adult you live in worries ?
Thinking about how and what matters ,
A lot of wrongs ,
Have been committed, 
A lot have been misinterpreted 
All in the name of 
Am all grown up or freedom .
Sarah Addison Allen quote still stuck in my head.


Wonder I in the world of misery 
With friend that Poetry is her beauty

Realize we that, 
Happiness was childhood
Childhood was joy
Then, we walk anywhere
Talk anywhere
We fear not ,no place 
Believe not, no superstition
Then, doubt was absent 
Trust, was ever present 
Happiness is trust
Trusted I was my entire hood
Trusted entire hood was I
All were friends, friend was I

Hide not we, in rain
Play we did,  in pain
Tears together in sand
Childhood was freedom 
In pants and nakedness we dom
The farm, Yard and 
Race we, in the flood

Now, I am grown, she is big
Now, growth is he, Youth is us
We subscribed fully to,
Restriction in disguise of class
Walk, we can't in the rain

Fully cherished by us, is
Criteria for friendship 
Compatibility test we call it

Big grin on our faces
I held her with a cold grip
We have to worry less
Because, we left childhood 
Happiness is joy
Joy is freedom 
Freedom is trust
Friendship is trust 
Trust is love
Love is unity
Unity is happiness 
Happiness was childhood.


  1. This is what happens when two beautiful writers write on the same cant expect anything less than perfection.the use of words to carefully express the cannot help but reminisce on his childhood.keep on writing pen warriors