Monday, 25 July 2016

Poetry: My country by Barakat Akanbi

My Country

Why celebrate independence when we are still parasitive;
Why celebrate corrupt leaders,
Should these be called Illiteracy, Ignorance or primitiveness;
Why empty the nations treasury,
My country!where no pension  for pentioneers who are the fathers of this nation;
Why discriminate among ourselves,
Do our leaders have anything to offer to the masses,
A country where the rich are richer and the poor do not exist,
And we call ourselves the Giant of Africa,
Giant but Empty i Presume,
A country where citizens reign curses everyday to the leaders,

No love in my country,
 All i see is corruption everywhere. 
Corrupt leaders,
Corrupt citizens and a Corrupt country,
OH My Nation! 
Cry my beloved country.

Barakat Akannbi

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