Friday, 15 July 2016

Poetry:Death by Barakat Jummai Akanbi

 All of my life i have learnt to play alone as a child
I had no friends but i wished i did
As a child i never seemed to understand these questions
Why  do we spend much on taking good care of our bodies?
Which would  serve as food to the termites in grave
Why do some people feel the need to be frugal as though they would take all their belongings to heaven?
Why  couldn't there be an exception of death on a particular person in the world?

I eventually met you and u were the best thing that happened to me
You were more like a sister:
 When i thought i was out of this lonely world
Death took you away
I know  tears won't bring you back but i don't seem to understand why you showed up the dime minute of your life

I think of you in silence but all i have left are memories of you
Wouldn't it have been better if we never met i thought
I guess that's me being selfish,because death on the other side is a beautiful thing created by God and all that live will eventually pass through it
I know death took you away but you aren't dead because once you die and you are forgotten you are "Dead" but once you die and you are not forgotten death only took you away but you are not dead:
You Will Always Be Remembered!!!.


  1. Nice one....... Your works are lovely, hope to see more.