Monday, 18 July 2016

Poetry: A CRESTED AMBITION by Faruk Abubakar Yamah


 A crested ambition

That man
A minister in the temple of justice.
Couched in jenteel
Elegant and stylish
Portryed in those expensive suit

I have love for your brogue feet,
And that rope across your chest.
To the feragamo holding your trousers.
Your trousers;form a catacomb
That ends above the ankles
Showing colourfull your socks

Is it your personality I love most
Or the way you fight
Using polished words to defeat each other
I have always looked at you
Like a man looks at his wife in labour
Desperate! anxious!
I have grown itchy hands
And long legs
I no longer ask when I will be there
Or when I will be you
I am ready indeed
For you are crested on my heart.

Faruk A. Yamah


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  2. This is just beautiful,your composition of words is admirable, i have read this like twenty times. I hope to write this beautifully someday