Monday, 25 July 2016

Poetry: SERVANT THAT RULES by Akinyemi Abdul-Rahman


Dusk has fallen,
I have to walk the street,
Enriched in natural, financial and human resources,
Yet, the south has little penny,
Families are farm less,
Individuals are seedless,
Poverty reigns, verily south is rich less,
Backward I turn
North face I
Water is not their pal
Sound education is their pen pal
South is demand, north is supply
But, occur not is the transaction, because
South is roadless, north is railess
The street is marketless
Sadness embraces me
Bitterness I cuddle when I remember
That, our servants are now rulers
We were told we would be served
But in arbitrariness they rule
Street resources are exploited to their full
Comes in thousands are my tears
Ruling servants, serving Masters
Dictating is their habit
Embezzlement is what they fulfil
Hardship is their act
Growth they harm
Development they kill
Happiness of the masters they bury
In poverty we masters serve
Oh servants of masters
Forget not!
Among you were, servants that
Served, sound education as food
Served, suitable transportation system as snacks
Served, large scale agriculture as drinks
Served, favourable employment opportunities as water
Served, pleasant pleasing street that you pollute
In the name of RULE
You ruling servants!
Remember, that
With us is time, tick it does
With us is pen and ink
Write we can, your destiny
With us is the calculator
Your figure, we summate
Us is mast, you is sail
Needed is the mast to support the sail
Us is the electorate, you is the elected
Dictating arbitrary servants!
Upon you I call
The time keeper I am
Present is time
Past not it
Let your predecessors be your model
Your masters be your served
Remember, the time is present
Time is not past.

Abdul-Rahman   Akinyemi