Wednesday, 20 July 2016

NIGERIA TODAY by Laaro Zainab

My country, Nigeria today is bereft of truth. Falsehood and its agents are apparently in control of her affairs. There is celebration of falsehood and banishing of truth. For the fear of castigation, majority hibernate in their shells instead of telling or supporting the truth.
  The contemporary world within its so-called globalised context is a caricature of numerous maladies, which has spread to almost every aspects of its being. Moral laxity, intellectual paralysis, injustice and nepotism, duality of standards, exploitation and corruption, ignorance and arrogance, poverty and diseases, insecurity and discord, have continued to ignite volcanic wars into our country. Nigeria has become an ocean where the bigger fishes feed on smaller ones. Humanity had gotten divided into small compartments of race, blood and geography. This has culminated into geography or terrorism of geography.
  How do you account for innocent souls that are wasted to plane crashes, accidents and collapsed buildings? How do you explain the high infant and maternal mortalities in the midst of abundant resources and squandering of same on elephant projects? Nigeria leaders are busy killing and shooting flies with guns, sending out health officers to drive out worms only to spray snakes as collaterals. Human rights have become otherwise. Terrorism is defying all security networks and their officers. Days are earmarked to commemorate great events or people only to empty the treasury and pay lip services. For years, we have celebrated children's day, mother's day, teacher's day, independence day and the likes only to have more victims of war, malnutrition, unemployment, unpaid and delayed salaries, strike, motherless and homeless children, widows languishing in agony, child trafficking, child labour, oppresssion and victimization.
  Our institutions are becoming wonderlands. The unheared of and the unprecedented are becoming the norms. Contrary to their being citadels of learning, they are becoming citadels of promiscuity. The academic concerns of our great citadels of learning have given way to a lot of unpalatable developments. The worst of which are cultism, indecent dressing, armed robbery amongst many others. It has got to a point that most parents can't predict their children's personalities once they graduate from higher institutions. Cultism has been taken to secondary schools. Age is no longer a barrier for perpetration of vice in Nigeria today.
  Things are fast changing and falling apart. The guides are the blind, the judges are the deaf, the Attorneys are the dumb. What an end time! Poverty and hunger have become bedfellows. Bodies can no longer sustain the souls. Things hardly heared of in the past have become the fad. The soul of man have become dry. Brains of scholars are draining. War continues to aim its bullets. Peace is elusive and evasive. Man now seek peace in waywardness. Even the religionists who should be closest to God are dangling between spiritual squalor and moral laxity. Gone are those days when musicians sang and it made a little sense. Alas! Watch out for the so-called music and songs today, apart from being desolate in meaning; they also echo immorality. They calm man into forlorn fulfilment. What hitherto, was considered morally sacrosant is now sacrilegious.
  Young girls have taken over the stage to advertise nudity. All kinds of beauty contests at different levels have been put in place to promote indecent dressing. The more romantic or indecently a lady can portray herself in acting or modelling, the more she impresses and as a result, becomes acceptable. The trend in fashion today reveals that the culture of nudity has become a global phenomenon, tearing the fabric of moral values, social order, cultural independence and intellectual horizon. The religious sphere has been entangled in this labyrinth of indecent dressing. It is nothing but an abuse of womanwood for matured ladies and women to appear in public wearing transparent and skimpy tight fitting dresses. It is an affront on womanhood. It is a gateway to promiscuity and it confirms our moral depravity.
>   As Nigeria is making seemingly ceaseless sojourn towards its waterloo manifesting in its flagrant infringement of the divine orders and natural laws, ideological depravity, moral decadence, spiritual stagnation, political turbulence, social disorder, and cultural crises, there is need for a new HORIZON.
> An horrizon of positive change in attitudes
> An horrizon of academic excellence
> An horrizon of intellectual supremacy
> An horrizon of moral perfection
> An horrizon of awakening the dying souls.
> There is hope in our NEW HORIZON.

Laaro Zainab

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