Sunday, 17 July 2016

Poetry: BRAVE IT UP by Qusamat Ajibaye

we want a change,
I have always wanted to speak,
Speak on behalf of them,
I wish we could all sit and think,
I wish we could all see what I see but I know we
do but chooses to ignore:
My heart cannot take it no more,
Am tired of having pity them without a way out,
Am tired of working pass them everyday and
giving them alms,
It's a shame for me and stepping them like
Am tired of acting with a brave heart full of

I wish we could put our efforts too,
Just take a look behind and see,
They might seems so worthless but thousands of
them die day by day :
I wish we all had the fear of God,mother nature
has blessed us with more than enough, please do
let it reach us,
We beg for our right,
The wretched, unprivileged, unacknowledged,
They all want to live a life.
We pack up your wrong doings, do worship us as
We make ways for you do bless us with the
We lifted you with our emotional heart. Stop
making it a dead heart,
We want to speak up,
We want to be considered as humans,
We want to make use of the marvellous,
We want to impact on the economy,
We are behind you when happiness and joy runs
in you but you come running to us in pain and
You have left overs the poor are pleading to
You choose where and how you live your lives,
when we are still struggling under the bridge.,
You live a life worth a thousand wretch.
I wish I could speak out louder,
We aren't going no where,
Life isn't for eternity but you live as if it is,
Life has enough to offer,
We have a way out, I have a way out
Bring back our unconditional motherly love
bestowed on us.
I wish we could all speak up
I wish we would be free to live right,
I wish I would be the speaker,
Speaking on behalf of them,
We want no war,
I wish to make the change,
It tears my heart to wake up and meet the same
old shit...
Brave it up

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  1. Beautiful poem..the truth behind those words cant be hidden with more writers like you this country will be a better place...keep writing the sky is just a starting point